GMWU Structure

The Union has strong internal democratic structures that govern its operations and is headed by an elected General Secretary, assisted by two elected officers and a team of technical staff.

The Union is structured as follows:

Delegates’ Conference
This is the highest governing body of the Union. Its decision is by a simple majority vote. It meets once every four years to:
Formulate policies and resolutions where necessary.
Review activities of the Union during the quadrennial.
Amend and review the Union’s Constitution
Elect or renew the mandate of national officers of the Union

National Executive Council
This is the next governing body that manages the affairs of the Union during the periods between Delegates’ Conference and implements decisions of the Conference. It meets at least two times in a year.

Management Committee
The Management Committee is responsible for managing the affair of the Union between meetings of the National Executive Council. It meets at least four times in a year.

Finance Committee
Deals with all financial matters and ensures sound financial administration of the Union.

National Women’s Committee
It is established to promote and protect the interests and concerns of women in the Union.

Professional & Managerial Staff/Branch Unions
They deal with issues affecting the membership base of the Union within their jurisdictions in such a way as to further the overall aims and objectives of the Union.

Office of the General Secretary
It offers administrative and technical support to the Union.